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Welcome to the home of the St George Dragons

Welcome to the home of the St George Spearfishing and Freediving Club, a communication point for all activities conducted by the club. This website is updated fortnightly or when major news occurs. You will find information on future comps, results from previous comps, members contacts, dates for social dives & much more. For more information regarding our club or activities please contact our Vic- President Craig Shephard

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Spearfishing and freediving are inherently risky activities. In addition to the risk of death or injury posed by Shallow Water Blackout, currents, shark attacks, drowning, entanglement and boating accidents, it heavily taxes your cardio-vascular, respiratory and muscular systems.

To spearfish and freedive safely you should always obtain proper technical and physical training before attempting it.

About Us

The St George Spearfishing and Freediving Club started back in 1956 and was one of the first spearfishing clubs in Australia. We always welcome new members and meet at St George Sailing Club, Riveside Drive, Sans Souci from 7:00pm on the 3rd Monday of every month. Meetings conclude most nights with a guest speaker! Topics vary from Spearfishing the FAD's to how to hunt different species or locations but most of all, it's a great way to meet new spearo's, learn where the latest hot spot is and who know's maybe even get a boat ride with another keen spearo!

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